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Interreg Europe is a series of European Union programmes financed by EDRF (Regional Development Funds) with the aim of improving cooperation between European regions across a number of different areas. In this particular case, the emphasis is on improving competitiveness and driving growth in businesses. Regional plans are implemented through Scale Up aimed at encouraging economic development and creation of employment. The main sectors are logistics, the food and agriculture industry, bioeconomics and new technologies.

  • What are the aims?

    • To share experiences and good practices in new business collaboration models; to improve the culture of collaboration within the business ecosystem in areas such as science, technology, innovation and industry; smart specialisation in regional sectors through cooperation and clusters; use of and adaptation to new technologies and access to finance instruments.
    • Creation of six stakeholder action groups.
    • Transfer of good practices aimed at improving regional policies.
    • Design and development of six action plans for implementing good practices aimed at favouring regional business growth.
  • Who is involved?

    • The Directorate General of Funds and European Funds (Regional Government in Murcia).
    • The Ministry of Economy, Energy, Transport and Regional Development in Hesse (Germany).
    • The Region of Attica (Italy).
    • The Region of Lazio (Italy).
    • The Province of Lubelskie (Poland).
    • The Municipal Corporation of Nottinghan (United Kingdom).
  • What is the work plan?

    The work plan, which will continue up until 2022, is divided into two phases:

    Phase 1: Interregional learning

    • Comparative analysis and assessment of scale up business policies.
    •  Identification of good practices.
    • Interregional visits.
    •  Design of six Regional Action Plans.

    Phase 2: Implementation of the Action Plans

    • Monitoring of the Action Plans.
    • Dissemination of achievements
  • Further Information
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