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inDemand is a new model within which health entities and companies create health sector digital solutions using financial support provided by regional public funds. Twenty-four companies co-create solutions for needs that have previously been identified by health sector professionals.

inDemand is a European project that has three participating pilot regions: the Region of Murcia (Spain), Oulu (Finland) and the region of Paris - Ile de France (France). The model is sustainable and can be replicated in other European regions (inDemand community). TIC BIOMED is also a collaborating entity in Murcia.

  • What is it for?

    For developing technological solutions for the four medical challenges identified by the Health Service in Murcia.

    • HECRO: support for diagnosis and treatment of chronic wounds.
    • DEEP DIVER: healthcare aimed at seeking diagnoses associated with work accidents.
    • DIGITAL ACTIVA: a tool for managing and monitoring physical exercise prescribed by healthcare professionals and aimed at improving health.
    • GRAVIDITY: a digital card for monitoring pregnancies and postpartums in the Health Service in Murcia.
  • What is on offer?

    INFO provides grants of up to 40,000 euros (up to maximum of 60% of the cost of the project) for each technology company proposing valid solutions for each of the four challenges.

    Improved success rates for digital solutions because they are developed in conjunction with the client, alongside a continuous feedback process and global understanding of needs. Furthermore, in the Region of Murcia, companies have the opportunity to carry out a pilot experiment in regional Health Service clinics.

  • Who can access the programme?

    SMEs with main offices located in the European Union (consortiums are not permitted). Companies from Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Moldavia, Switzerland, the Faroe Islands, the Ukraine, Tunisia, Georgia and Armenia can also apply.

  • How does it work?

    •  Companies that are interested in participating can assess their suitability and capabilities for responding to any of the challenges by following this LINK.
    • Any companies that believe they are suitable candidates for solving the challenges can download forms and documentation using this LINK.
    • Next, they can upload documentation (in English) on this page: LINK
    • Project managers select winning companies based on their excellence and how good a match they are for the inDemand challenge; the potential impact; the viability plan; experience of the development team; and sustainability of the businesses model.
    • Project managers select the winning companies. The four companies that are chosen develop the project with the support of the healthcare professionals who identified the challenges. Furthermore, solutions are tried and tested on the participating healthcare organisms.
  • How can I access it?

    In Demand Health web

  • When is the deadline

    23rd April 2019

  • Further information
    900 700 706