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Success stories

  • Some success stories in the Region of Murcia

Logo HP


"We are going to create a generation of talent rooted in the Region"... read more...


  "Our Nitrocellulose Manufacturing Plant in the Region of Murcia is one of the best in the sector, and a qualified     supplier both in Europe and the USA."

logo AES


"AES is a multinational present in a number of countries worldwide. One of our objectives is to contribute to the growth and development of the societies in the countries where we are. We had the opportunity to set up here in Southern Spain and I think we chose the best region from which to carry out our mission" ... read more ...

Logo Bel


"In 2004 BEL COMPOSITE IBERICA, S.L. was founded. The chosen location for the company was the FUENTE ÁLAMO TECHNOLOGY PARK as its excellent land, sea and air transport links and the support provided by INFO (Regional Development Agency of Murcia), in the form of subsidies for its high-tech machinery, made it ideal." . . read more ...

Logo Takasago


"...In addition, the Region of Murcia was generally very stable, including the economy, which is why we chose this company, along with Murcia and Spain."... read more ...


"Looking back 11 years, Murcia was, of course, a region close to the Mediterranean which was well connected to the north of Spain via the highway network. The city is well communicated with the ports, too, which meant that this combination of transport options would make shipping merchandise very accessible" ... read more ...


Logo Capgemini



"...Today, there are 56 people working here, generating revenue of €2.6 million in 2009..." ... read more...

Logo Sabic


"The Cartagena plants currently produce over 200,000 tons/year of engineered plastics.  More than 90% of the products manufactured in Cartagena are sent to international markets (Europe and Asia).  Our plastics are used for making products such as “Multimedia Goods” (CDs and DVDs…), automotive components, telecommunications terminals, computers, and other applications."... read more ...


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