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  • Introduction

In 1982, the Region of Murcia, situated on the Mediterranean Coast between Andalusia and Valencia, became one of the 17 Autonomous Communities of Spain. The region covers an area of 11,317 square kilometers and has a population of 1.4 million. One-third of the entire population lives in the capital city, Murcia.

The excellent location of our region has made it one of the top tourist destinations in Europe and a unique business center accessible by land, air and sea.

People are the main asset of the Murcia Region and a driving force for the local manufacturing sector that requires highly qualified labor. Other pillars of the Murcia economy are the research centers, industrial development projects and European service centers. The seven universities in our sphere of influence play a vital role training the workforce of the future, poising to satisfy the demand generated by companies doing business in Murcia.

Over the last decade, the Region of Murcia has experienced the highest growth rate in Spain, well above national and European averages. Murcia’s role in both Spain and Europe has increased greatly thanks to the recent development of economic infrastructure which has made the region a European point of reference as regards telecommunications, ports, roadways and energy.

Business investment and the growing importance of export markets have helped improve the quality of business in the Region of Murcia where there has been significant public investment in strategic projects of vital importance to the Region such as the high-speed train, the new airport in Corvera and the container port in El Gorguel.

Living in the Region of Murcia is easy, especially because the services and administrative infrastructures that are available are easy to access given that Murcia, a region made up of only one province, can guarantee fewer administrative barriers and better access to our public institutions.

Add to all of this the fact that Murcia offers an important system of financial incentives, lines of finance, availability of venture capital and other types of support that together with a publicly sponsored consultation service, ensure that your investment project will prove to be very successful in our region.

The cherry on the cake is the quality of life in Murcia which is simple unmatchable.

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