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Entrepreneurial Municipality

"Entrepreneurial Municipality" is the name of a pioneering initiative in Spain launched by the Murcia Region government through INFO (Regional Development Agency of Murcia). This initiative, included within the framework of the Region's "Plan Emprendemos" (entrepreneurial program), allowed Murcia to receive the Entrepreneurial European Region award by the European Commission.

The Entrepreneurial Municipality project is based on the idea that municipalities, which are the natural, direct environment for entrepreneurs and companies, should be capable of exercising their regulatory and taxation capabilities with the aim of enhancing economic activity in their territories. To make this possible, INFO signed an agreement with each participating municipality to favor the implementation of different collaboration schemes. In all cases, the purpose is to foster municipal measures for promotion of business activities among entrepreneurs and SMEs, as well as for development of an environment prone to business creation and consolidation. To achieve this, measures for administrative simplification, business promotion, entrepreneurial culture support, municipal taxation reductions for entrepreneurial projects and infrastructures when needed, have been implemented.


The standard agreement signed with municipalities includes the commitments for each municipality and INFO. Here are the main points in these agreements:

  1. Fostering entrepreneurship in society. 
  2. Identifying potential self-employment niches in the municipalities.
  3. Identifying and supporting entrepreneurs and business people in the municipalities.
  4. Funding measures and tax benefits to foster the development of new business activities in the municipalities.
  5. Simplifying and speeding up paperwork associated to the implementation and consolidation of business activities.
  6. Promoting and supporting regional Business Nursery Network infrastructures that could house business activities during initial project stages.
  7. Identifying and making valuable use of existing business infrastructures.
  8. Developing activities supporting the business network and entrepreneurs through various instruments as well as through their integration in Red Punto Pyme.